Straight Outta West Yorkshire.. An Ode To Corduroy and Moleskin

The history of textile manufacturing in England spans centuries. As the industrial revolution began to reimagine production opportunities, the industry boomed. Earlier English materials such as wool were being eclipsed (as far as output) by cotton, and fabrics such as moleskin and corduroy began to make a huge impact worldwide. Within a roughly 50 year span in the early 19th century, the number of looms in England exploded from 2,400 to 25,000, a true display of the technology and popularity of the fabrics of the time.  Although many of the mills that thrived from 1700s -1900s have been decommissioned, you'll still find some of the finest textiles in the world in the valleys of West Yorkshire, England, where we have the...

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The Montagnards, French for “mountain people”, received their name during French colonialism in Vietnam. With a history that has endured countless years of persecution and murder, the journey of the Montagnards to the USA started as the government began ushering the American youth to the jungles of Vietnam. It was there that US Special Forces befriended the indigenous group of companions and warriors. As the two groups battled together, they began to rely on one another, trusting each others lives in the hands of fellow man and forging a bond to last a lifetime.    Knowing the threat the Montagnard people faced after years of fighting shoulder to shoulder with the enemy, the Special Forces began bringing as many of their kin back to the...

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